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SAIC Ranked as One of Chicagoland’s Top Biking Campuses

SAIC has officially reaffirmed its leadership as one of Chicagoland’s Top Biking Campuses this past Bike2Campus Week (B2C). This is the third year of B2C collaboration with Chicagoland higher education partners, including SAIC, City Colleges, Dominican University, Loyola University, Roosevelt University, Triton College, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Chicago. Collectively, the schools logged a grand total of 3,062 rides, 538 of which were made by SAIC cyclists. These rides, weighted against our campus population, gave SAIC a cycling percentage rate of 11.6% and the title of Top Biking Campus for Most Recorded Rides.

For more information about cycling at SAIC, visit Sustainable SAIC and Getting Around the City or contact misaac@saic.edu.