A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Monique Meloche Gallery Hosts SAIC Alumni and Faculty Exhibition

In honor of SAIC’s 150th Anniversary, Monique Meloche Gallery is featuring work from SAIC alumni and faculty represented or exhibited by the gallery. Now through January 30, Winter Experiment: SAIC @ MMG provides a platform for celebration and acknowledgement of the wide-range of prolific artists and insurmountable faculty that SAIC generates. The exhibition was recently reviewed and recommended by Newcity. It says, "This smartly curated group show guides one to notice the multidimensional practices and varied conceptual themes amongst SAIC’s alumni and affiliates and is an exhibition not to be missed."

Participating SAIC alumni include: Carla Arocha (BFA 1991), Sanford Biggers (MFA 1999), Rashayla Marie Brown (BFA 2015), Justin Cooper (MFA 2005), Robert Davis (BFA 1997), Karolina Gnatowski (MFA 2007), Dan Gunn (MFA 2007), Sheree Hovsepian (MFA 2002), Rashid Johnson (SAIC 2003–2004), Michael Langlois (BFA 1998), Maya Mackrandilal (SAIC 2011), Heidi Norton (MFA 2002), and Carrie Schneider (MFA 2007).

Exhibiting SAIC faculty include: Michelle Grabner (Painting and Drawing), Cheryl Pope (Fashion Design and BFA 2003, MDes 2010), Karen Reimer (Fiber and Material Studies), and Joel Ross (former visiting assistant professor at SAIC).