A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

SAIC Alum Josh Reames Collaborates With SAIC Associate Professor José Lerma

Josh Reames (MFA 2012) and SAIC associate professor José Lerma (Painting and Drawing) built upon their relationship forged at the School and recently ran a collaborative exhibition at Los Angeles’ Luis De Jesus Gallery. A internationally renowned painter, Lerma advised Reames during his first year of grad school at SAIC back in 2009. In their new show, the two artists use sculpture and two mammoth paintings to satirize the sociopolitics of the art market, crime, and their personal identities. The duo of paintings, He Hath Founded It Upon the Seas (1 and II), melds Reames’ pixelated, digital-inspired style with Lerma’s saturated and playful pop art. A review in Crave celebrates the artists’ “layered narrative, created in unison from the unique histories, struggles, and styles.”

Image: José Lerma and Josh Reames, He Hath Founded It Upon the Seas (1), 2016 from craveonline.com