A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Newcity Ranks SAIC Alumni and Faculty in "Design 50"

Fifteen SAIC alumni and faculty members made Newcity's "Design 50," an annual ranking of Chicago's leaders in design, architecture, and printmedia. The publication lauds this group's processes, actions, and results, highlighting their work at the intersections of design and social justice. "Chicago, away from the self-aware luster that grips some other places, dances with its bruises in trying to find a better way," writes Ben Shulman. "In trying to envision new forms and thoughts whose reach extends well beyond the object or plan itself, Chicago designs its way out."

SAIC community memembers on the list include Ania Jaworska (AIADO Faculty), Brian Lee (AIADO Faculty), Douglas Pancoast (AIADO Faculty), Felicia Ferrone (Designed Objects Faculty), Greta De Parry (MFA 2007, Designed Objects and Sculpture), Holly Hunt (Board of Governors), Jeanne Gang (HON 2013), Maria Pinto (BFA 1990), Nick Butcher (MFA 2015, Printmaking), Nick Cave (Fashion Faculty), Petra Bachmaier (BFA 1999), Sean Gallero (BFA 1998), Steven Haulenbeek (MFA 2006), Tanner Bowman (BFA 2015), and Theaster Gates (HON 2015).