A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Tania Bruguera Discusses President Obama’s Visit to Cuba

Performance artist and SAIC alum Tania Bruguera (MFA 2001) recently spoke to Public Radio International about President Obama’s visit to Cuba, her detainment by the Cuban government in 2015, and her most recent project, the Institute of Artivisim, which she is currently funding through Kickstarter.

Bruguera advised President Obama not to self-censor or be afraid to say things that do not reflect well on Cuba’s government. Critical of Cuba’s government herself, Bruguera, who is SAIC’s 2016 Commencement Speaker, is creating the Institute of Artivisim in hopes that art and activism will help Cubans work together to envision new ideas for their country.

Image: Tanie Bruguera (MFA 2001). Photo: Claudio Fuentes