A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

SAIC Professor Emeritus Kenneth Josephson Has Retrospective

Professor emeritus Kenneth Josephson began his influential teaching career at SAIC almost 50 years ago, and a recent retrospective looks back at his unique career. Kenneth Josephson: The Light of Coincidence opens this week at Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco, lining up with Josephson's other solo show at New York's Gitterman Gallery and highlighting the artist's major role in the field of conceptual photography. During his tenure at SAIC, Josephson forged the School's gleaming reputation in this field.

“At the time, in the early ’50s until about 1970, photography wasn’t paid very much attention to,” he tells the San Francisco Gate. “It wasn’t thought of as a major art form, so the people who were working in the medium were driven to do it. I was driven even though I knew that, monetarily, it wouldn’t bring me much income or anything. I did it for the love of it.”

Josephson continues to receive high praise for artwork and ethics.

"Even though Kenneth Josephson is recognized for his groundbreaking ‘pictures within pictures’ that investigate the veracity of photographs and expose the illusion of photography as an objective representation of reality, he is not as well known as other photographers, due in part to his modest and quiet demeanor and lack of interest in self-promotion,” says Robert Koch. For more information about the show, visit the gallery's page.