A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

SAIC’s “Extensive” Materials Lab Receives Applause From Other Machine Co.

SAIC recently continued its commitment to emerging art and technology with the purchase of three Othermills. The Othermill is a device that digitally streamlines the relationship between design and metal-casting, or, as assistant professor Tim Burtonwood puts it, “translate[s] bits into bronze.” The Other Machine Co., creators of the Othermill, featured SAIC’s practice on their website, noting the School’s “extensive history of innovation and notable alumni on the forefront of burgeoning art movements,” noting that this striking development “comes as no surprise.”

The company is happy to see their products “in a cutting-edge lab,” where students “push the boundaries of modern art.”

SAIC’s executive director of fabrication and instructional resources, Brad Johns, says that this new equipment fits squarely within the School’s mission and curricula. “When you want everyone to try it, which is a core interdisciplinary assumption at the SAIC,” Johns says, “you need to be prepared to back that up with commensurate levels of access.”

The Other Machine Co. expresses its excitement about SAIC’s interdisciplinary practices and writes, “Knowing the experimental nature of the SAIC environment, it’s exciting to see what these creative minds will make.”

You can find the profile on SAIC and Othermill technology here.