A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Alum "Dalek" the Subject of Crave Profile

SAIC graduate James Marshall (BFA 1995), who paints under the name "Dalek," was the subject of a recent Crave profile that discusses his innovative, graffiti-inspired creations. "His new body of work revels in a profusion and hyper-abundance of color and planes of space," writes reporter Miss Rosen, "offering a mediation of the push and pull of forces he sees in contemporary life."

Upon graduating from SAIC, Marshall went on to work for Takashi Murakami, whose acclaimed work made an enormous impact on the direction of Marshall's career. Inspired by Murakami's cartoonish use of shape, color, and form, Marshall developed his own signature style. "As Dalek, Marshall first established himself in the art work with his iconic Space Monkey character, which resembles a grinning and malevolent cartoon mouse," Rosen continues, noting that the Space Monkey is a product of "his love for the absurdity of human interactions."