A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Jeff Koons talks SAIC with Huffington Post

In July, Jeff Koons (SAIC 1975–76) sat down with the Huffington Post for a discussion about his artistic career and the ideas behind his work. The interview traces Koons’ early years and his professional career, including several personal anecdotes along the way. In the piece, Koons discusses his time at SAIC, which he attended in the '70s. “I transferred to the School of the Art Institute in Chicago,” Koons explains. “Chicago was very based in personal iconography. So the work made you have sensations, it made you have feelings. Feelings are at the basis of all ideas. First you have feelings, and then through those sensations it develops into ideas. And so I learned a personal iconography, I learned how to affect the way I felt. Then I learned how to affect the way other people felt.”

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