A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Maria Gaspar Awarded 2016 Rauschenberg Artist as Activist Fellowship

SAIC faculty member Maria Gaspar received one of this year’s Artist as Activist Fellowships from the Rauschenberg Foundation. Awarded biennially, this prize goes to a handful of artists whose creative practices addresses specific issues of human rights, like this year’s theme of “Racial Justice + Mass Incarceration.” Gaspar, whose work focuses on power dynamics and their interaction with location, will confront this concept o through a series of radio broadcasts and visual projections on the Cook County Jail titled RADIOACTIVE: Stories From Beyond the Wall. “Through connecting those who live outside its walls with those on the ‘inside,’” the Rauschenberg Foundation writes, “the project aims to dissolve, transgress, and collectively reimagine the brutal 96-acre division.”