A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Where I Work

At Spudnik Press with Angee Lennard (BFA 2004)

by Ethan Brown (Post-Bac 2019)


Spudnik Press, an artist space and printmaking studio, opened in 2007 in a small live/work space. Angee Lennard (BFA 2004), founder and executive director, has steadily expanded the studio since its humble beginning, moving to a large, industrial space in Chicago’s West Loop in 2009. Spudnik now offers printmaking classes and a studio space for both artists and students to utilize freely. The third floor warehouse space boasts beautiful hardwood floors and an exposed ceiling. 

You don’t have to just [make art] as a career. You’re not any less valid of a maker if you’re making something wacky just because you want to.

Neatly organized inks, paper samples, and type cases fit perfectly into the large, yet cozy, room. Spudnik students and studio members are able to take advantage of the space and resources, from letterpresses and Risograph machines to the vibrant community of artists that the studio has supported over the years. In addition to running the studio, Lennard collaborates with artists to produce limited-run print editions. “For me, finding ways to make sure that there are always entry points [to making art] for anyone is really important,” she says.