A painting by Georgia O’keeffe depicting the East River from the 30th story of the Shelton Hotel in 1928.

Art Institute of Chicago

WBEZ Chicago Praises New Art Institute Exhibition of Alum Georgia O’Keeffe

The Art Institute of Chicago’s special summer exhibition, Georgia O'Keeffe: My New Yorks (SAIC 1905-06, HON 1967) is highlighted by WBEZ Chicago in a new article. Due to its inquiry into an underappreciated five year span—1925–1930— in O'Keeffe's life and practice. In this timeframe O’Keeffe lived in various buildings in New York City including the Shelton Hotel, which was one of the tallest buildings in the city at the time. Consisting mostly of paintings and drawings, the exhibition captures O’Keeffe’s fascination with the interaction between the urban environment and its natural surroundings. My New Yorks is open through September 22.