A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Visiting Artist Jack Craig

Jack Craig

Jack Craig is an independent designer and teacher at Lawrence Technology University. He has been represented by Johnson Trading Gallery since 2012 - most recently exhibiting at the Johnson Trading Gallery Tribeca Space and Design Miami Art Basel with an upcoming exhibition at University of Toledo CVA Gallery. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and design: MA, Cranbrook Academy of Art 2012; BA, University of Illinois 2010; MS and BS, University of Maryland 2001 and 2003. Jack Craig’s studio practice operates through intentional staging of unconventional materials to force improvised situations and impromptu structure. In the PVC Series, slabs of stone are forced into sections of repurposed water mains. Multiple maneuvers of applied heat, pressure, and cooling coerce a final form and permanent grip on the inserted mass.  

For the Bronzed Concrete Series, 3 dimensional drawings are done in bronze over cast concrete forms. As the line work cools, patchwork masses are solidified into load bearing members. The work is a primitive exploration in modern context of the tectonic relationship between self, material, and process. 

Jack Craig's Mitchell Lecture from Fall 2015