Three SAIC Community Members Named Artists to Watch in the New York Times

A pink abstract artwork
A still from Laleh Khorramian’s “Odyssey,” detail of “It Happened in the Future” (2020-ongoing).Credit...Courtesy of the artist, September (Hudson, N.Y.) and the Third Line (Dubai)
Publication Date: 
June 23, 2021

Young Sun Han (BFA 2005), Laleh Khorramian (BFA 1997), and Professor Arnold J. Kemp were named in the New York Times’ “Artists on Artists to Watch, and Maybe Even Collect.” The New York Times asked 16 established artists to bring attention to a “young or underappreciated artist whose work resonates with them.” Artists Marcel Dzama, Shirin Neshat, and Mary Weatherford selected Young Sun Han, Laleh Khorramian, and Arnold J. Kemp respectively.