A golf course designed by Eric Hotchkiss

Eric Hotchkiss, Douglass 18 Miniature Golf Course, 2021. Image Courtesy of Site Design

Three SAIC Community Members Named 2023 3Arts Awards Recipients

3Arts, a nonprofit organization endorsing artists from the Chicago metropolitan area, lauds three School of the Art Institute of Chicago community members as the 2023 3Arts Awards recipients. Assistant Professor Eric Hotchkiss (MFA 2010), Selva Aparicio (BFA 2015), and Jenny Kendler (MFA 2006) comprised one-third of the 2023 winner cohort. Each finalist will be awarded $30,000 in unrestricted grants to boost the artists’ professional growth and encourage risk-taking and experimentation.

The official award ceremony will occur on Monday, November 13, at 5:30 p.m. at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance.