A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Street Style

At Sullivan Galleries' Fall Shows

by Ana Sekler (MA 2016)

Orange? Yeah, that’s right, orange. The color was sprinkled throughout the opening reception of the Sullivan Galleries’ four shows this fall. Here are our editors’ picks of some of the best street style from the night of September 28.

Cherrie Yu and Jinlu Luo
Cherrie Yu and Jinlu Luo. Photo: Stephanie Murano (MA 2020)

Cherrie Yu (MFA 2019)

Why this outfit? I was at an audition, so I wanted to wear something comfortable.

What is your personal style? High school.

Jinlu Luo (MFA 2020)

Why this outfit? It was up to the weather, so I chose warm tones.

What is your personal style? Always slightly overdressed.





Blaire Brown. Photo: Stephanie Murano (MA 2020)

Blaire Brown (BFA 2021)

Why this outfit? The sweater is sentimental. It’s from my great-grandma who passed. Whenever I wear it I feel connected to her.

Favorite part? The jacket because it’s one of the first that I cut up and the sweater because it’s sentimental.

What is your personal style? I find a way to make statement pieces come together.




Gabriel Chalfin-Phiney. Photo: Stephanie Murano (MA 2020)

Gabriel Chalfin-Phiney (MFA 2020)

Why this outfit? This Peruvian alpaca sweater is warm and reminds me of New York, where I’m from. I got it at a craft fair there.

Favorite part? The back of my jacket; my friend made it.

What is your personal style? As many patterns and colors as will reflect the sun.