A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Street Style

At Graduate Open Studio Night

On Friday, November 3, graduate students opened their studios to the community and the public for SAIC’s annual Graduate Open Studio Night. As visitors made their way through each building, they saw student work in progress and experienced SAIC’s unique fashion sense. Here are our editors’ picks of some of the best street style from that evening.



Evan Fusco (MFA 2019)

Why this outfit? I knew I would have to be in my studio impressing people tonight, so I wore a nice button down. My bottoms are almost always exactly the same: skinny jeans and Docs.

Favorite part? My bolo tie.

What is your personal style? Minimal, goth cowpoke.


Madeline Felauer (BFA 2020)

Why this outfit? I bought these pants with the zipper busted, and I repaired them. I like loose clothing.

Favorite part? The pants.

What is your personal style? I’m really influenced by the ‘90s. Sometimes I feel like Jennifer Aniston in Friends


Yiting Lin (MFA 2018)

Why this outfit? It’s my normal outfit.

Favorite part? The sweater. It’s a Japanese dessert that I like, kind of like a cake.

What is your personal style? Random, mix and match.