Associate Professor Kristin Mariani and Catalina Adriana Carrasco in the studio of Spotlight Chicago

Spotlight Chicago

Spotlight Chicago Showcases Sustainable SAIC Fashions

Associate Professor, Adj. Kristin Mariani and students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Fashion Design department appeared on WGN's Spotlight Chicago to discuss sustainability in fashion in light of this year's Earth Day. Mariani shared some of the approaches she employs in her fashion course, including upcycling, working with available resources, and embracing imperfection. Her teaching methods reflect an urgent need to change attitudes toward clothing production and consumption. To demonstrate the class outcomes, junior Catalina Adriana Carrasco showcased a piece of clothing she made from an upcycled leather jacket found during a thrift shop field trip. Carrasco said, "[The class] has given me an opportunity to use ideas as a form of sustainability." Three other students also modeled their sustainable creations, ranging from kilts to red carpet gowns—all fabricated from thrifted and upcycled materials.