Shaurya Kumar Art Gallery

Shaurya Kumar Featured in India Art Fair

Associate Professor of Printmedia, Shaurya Kumar was recently included in Architectural Digest in their profile of must-sees at the India Art Fair. The fair is the foremost contemporary and modern art fair that was held in New Delhi from January 30 through–February 2. The fair “draws galleries, artists, private foundations, arts charities, artists’ collectives, and national institutions," states the article.

Represented by Gallery Threshold, Kumar exhibited his piece, I am a citizen of that ruined place. Of Kumar's work, the article states, "Much as Meer Taqi Meer in the 18th century laments about the monumental loss of culture, shift of power and ruination of his home—Delhi, Shaurya echoes the same sentiment in the 21st century where moments of the past again seem to reverberate. The work reflects on a place, a city, a state, a country that was once a thriving cultural hub, where only the chosen lived, a place that was looted by the heavens and left desolate, and has now become a ruined place.”