SAIC Faculty Charles Pipal and Jim Peters Discuss Landmarking Buildings in Chicago

Charles Pipal, adjunct professor of Historic Preservation and Jim Peters, lecturer of Historic Preservation are featured on the Chicago Sun-Times. During the 1990s, Pipal conducted fieldwork to survey historic buildings across Chicago’s neighborhoods. The project was part of the Chicago Historic Resources Survey, and Jim Peters recalls the color-coding system used to determine a building significance as “In the city’s scheme, 'red' and 'orange' buildings have the greatest significance and could not be torn down without a fight. Other colors denote buildings too altered for preservation purposes. 'Blue' is for buildings mostly after World War II that are too new for consideration.” In the article, Pipal mentions that this system is flawed and outdated yet it aided in landmarking movements, which includes protecting the Michigan Boulevard streetwall. Instead, the city should update the old survey.