Mixed media collage of figures and city buildings

Bianca Diaz, Pilsen, 2013, mixed media collage.Courtesy of Bertina Salas

SAIC Faculty and Alums Celebrate Yollocalli’s Legacy at the National Museum of Mexican Art

Giving Shape: Yollocalli Artistic Practice Through the Years at the National Museum of Mexican Art features numerous School of the Art Institute of Chicago community members, including Associate Professor Maria Gaspar, Assistant Professor Salvador Jiménez, Joseph Josué Mora (BFA 2018), and William Estrada (BFA 2000, MA 2015). The exhibition is open until September 3.

The exhibition highlights the impact of Yollocalli Arts Reach, a youth initiative established in 1997 with the aim of amplifying students’ artistic voices. Shortly after its inception, Yollocalli evolved into a hub of socially engaged practice, championed by local young artists. Embracing the Yollocalli artists’ dedication to community work, the artworks challenge our relationship to space, raising complex questions of claiming, reimagining, and identifying one’s place within spaces.