Realizing Chambord Gallery

Realizing Chambord was created for the 500th anniversary of the beginning of construction for the Chateau de Chambord in 1519. Located in the Loire Valley of France and designed as a hunting lodge for King Francis I, Chambord was never completed as originally intended. Realizing Chambord will be part of an exhibition curated by Dominique Perrault and featuring work by 19 international architecture schools. Students from around the world have been asked to imagine the future of Chambord while considering the overarching concept of utopia that is deeply embedded in the chatequ's creation and history. 

Realizing Chambord tells a story that was imagined over the course of a six-week summer studio by a multi-disciplinary group of students. It follows the journey of a vessel, similar to Jason's mythical ship, The Argo, as they travel through the perpetual loop of a utopian society they cannot fully command: they try, they succeed, they fail, and they try again. 

Created By: Lina Alsharif, Siddharth Babani, Charlie Miller, Nicole Vendelin, and Chun Zeng

Contributions By: Sarah Aziz, Julian Flavin, and Mario Romero

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