A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Polling Place


Election season 2020 is upon us. Polling Place investigates the spatial design and identity of the physical voting stations where we exercise our democracy. Somewhere between architecture, interior architecture, and designed objects, these temporary kiosks populate our communities’ public spaces that serve as polling places, such as school cafeterias and gymnasiums, and provide a provisional degree of privacy to individual citizens as they perform their civic duty. This exhibition asks SAIC’s most recent alumni to speculate on new narratives and identities for these important civic apparatuses. #SAIC_pollingplace

Featuring Work by: Nathan Rennich, Emily Cates, Simiran Singh, Sarah Aziz, Aimee Martinez, Sujit Joshi, and Eunice Choi

Curated by: Joseph Altshuler

Installation Team: Joseph Altshuler, Afnan Alamoudi, and Aimee Martinez

Photographs: Michael Easthope