A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Pay it Forward


Monica (MA 2001) and Chris (BFA 2004) Wilczak value the relationships their SAIC education has made possible. "I'm always proud to say I'm a graduate of the school and am excited when I meet a fellow alum. There's always an instant connection from our shared experience," says Chris.

The couple met in high school and supported each other during their time at SAIC. They are now married and have two young children. 

Through the ups and downs of life, they have kept a commitment to giving to SAIC's annual fund because, as Monica says, "I was the recipient of financial aid on a number of occasions. If it weren't for the generosity of those who came before me, I wouldn't have graduated college or grad school. It is my responsibility to continue this gift of philanthropy to help the next generation of artists and administrators."

They both believe that the arts make the world a better place, and they both carry the lessons they learned at SAIC into their recent work.