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Over 30 SAIC Alums and Faculty Named to Newcity’s 2023 Art 50

Newcity Art just released its annual list of the 50 most prominent artists based in Chicago, including over 30 artists, activists, and educators from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Co-authored by Vasia Rigou (MA 2015), the review emphasizes the increasing influence of Chicago's art scene in the world, characterizing the top 50 not merely as local professionals but as the avant-garde of the global art scene.

Congratulations to all members of the SAIC community for the recognition of their outstanding contributions in shaping the future of art in Chicago and beyond.

Lecturer Nelly Agassi
Regina Agu (MFA 2021)
Selva Aparicio (BFA 2015)
Cecilia Beaven (MFA 2019)
Margot Bergman (SAIC 1954–1955)
Iris Bernblum (BFA 1997)
Phyllis Bramson (MFA 1974)
Robert Burnier MFA 2016)
Alex Chitty (MFA 2008)
Professor, Adj. Judith Geichman (MFA 1978)
Professor Emerit Lin Hixson 
Professor, Adj. Matthew Goulish 
Lecturer Max Guy 
John Henderson (BFA 2007)
Associate Professor Andres L. Hernandez (MFA 2004)
Professor Emerita Michiko Itatani (BFA 1974, MFA 1976)
Assistant Professor Salvador Jiménez-Flores 
Professor Arnold J. Kemp 
Jenny Kendler (MFA 2006)
Anna Kunz (BFA 1991)
Damon Locks (BFA 1991)
Robert Lostutter (BFA 1962)
Petra Backmaier (BFA 1999)
Sean Gallero (BFA 1999)
Yvette Mayorga (MFA 2016)
Associate Professor Ayanah Moor
Associate Professor, Adj. John Neff
Soumya Netrabile (BFA 1995) 
Robert E. Paige (BFA 1964)
Celeste Rapone (MFA 2013)
Deb Sokolow (MFA 2004)
Lecturer Maryam Taghavi (MFA 2017)
Derrick Woods-Morrow (MFA 2016)