A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Olive Qi Ouyang (MArch 2018) awarded the First Prize of the Schiff Foundation Fellowship for Critical Architectural Writing


Congratulations to Olive Qi Ouyang (MArch IA, Certificate in Historic Preservation 2018) for being the First Prize Winner of the Schiff Foundation Fellowship for Critical Architectural Writing for her paper "Between Place and Placelessness: Virtuality in Chinese Sites of Mourning and Remembrance". 

Olive Qi Ouyang (b.1992) is a designer and artist from Guangzhou, China. Her interdisciplinary work combines a background in architecture with an intense academic interest in how spatial experiences are produced, transmitted, and disseminated through mediating technology, in both historical and contemporary contexts. Currently, Olive is invested in subjects of death, rituals, and memory. Drawing upon the promises and conflicts of digital media at particular cultural and political junctures, her graduate thesis explores modes of virtuality in relation to place, materiality, and the body, experimenting with 3D scanning, point cloud modeling, motion-capture and animation to construct immersive landscapes of memories and lived spaces. 

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