October 2021: Faculty and Staff Accomplishments

A wood, midcentury console in a gallery space with an installation of 21 black artworks hanging above it

Image from Bambi Breakstone's Meditations on Mourning

Image from Bambi Breakstone's Meditations on Mourning

Professor, Adj. Bambi Breakstone’s exhibition Meditations on Mourning is on view at Pavilion 20th Century Gallery until October 23.

Work by Professor, Adj. Judith Brotman and Professor, Adj. Claire Ashley will be featured in an exhibition at Columbia College Chicago’s Glass Curtain Gallery, opening in November. Brotman is also collaborating with two alums on a show taking place at an exhibition space in Rumah Tangga later this year.

Associate Professor, Adj. Peter Fagundo’s exhibition Lovely American Disaster is on view at The Suburban until November 30.

Professor Claudia Hart and Associate Professor Adelheid Mers participated in the Zoom discussion “On NFT Digital Combines” in September, in which they discussed Hart’s solo exhibition at Haynes Court titled The Unfolding.

Lecturer Nathan Hoks published his book of poems, Nests in Air, with Black Ocean.

Professor Eduardo Kac’s solo exhibition Inner Telescope opens at Galerie Plateforme in Paris in November, a show which also commemorates the forthcoming book on the work by Kac.

Associate Professor, Adj. Eric Leonardson performed a concert at Jarvis Square Pottery.

Assistant Professor Eva Marxen’s book Deinstitutionalizing Art of the Nomadic Museum: Practicing and Theorizing Critical Art Therapy with Adolescents was reviewed in an Argentinean journal of art therapy; Marxen was interviewed by the same publication. 

Lecturer Mikey Peterson is exhibiting at the 17th Annual Athens Digital Arts Festival, Over The Real: International Festival of Video Art, and the Lucca Film Festival.

Professor Oliver Sann participated in CLEPTOCRAZIA, an art and science festival in Florence, Italy.

Assistant Professor, Adj. Pamela Vanderlinde published her book Patternmaking for Dress Design with Bloomsbury.

Through the Disability Culture Activism Lab, Assistant Professor Sandie Yi is partnering with MOMENTA, a dance company, and Access Living, an independent living center for people with disability, on programming.

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