Objects and Spaces for Angels and Machines


Learn to unlearn

collective process

shifting choreographies

negotiating of space

experimental gestures

possibility of failure

contemporary discourse

emphasising physicality

production vs. presentation

transdisciplinary frameworks. 

The hallway in this current form is a collectively defined place. This exercise offers space for experiment and gives an insight into how to place individual practices. The challenge is to create new context; that is, the transformation of reality. 

Are you an angel or are you a machine?

Objects and Spaces for Angels and Machines is a studio seminar on contemporary issues by Matylda Krzykowski. 

Contributing assignments by: Ania Jaworska, Anne Dessing, Katrin Greiling, and Jessica Charlesworth

Advisory by: Kamau Patton and Maite Borjabad Lopez-Pastor

Thank you to: Mejay Gula, Ryan Deemer, and Seth Keller