A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Northern Triangle Exhibition


Originally commissioned by Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum (Austin, TX), Northern Triangle was an exhibition created by Borderland Collective that opened a space for constructive dialogue and exchange around the current Central American refugee crisis along the U.S./Mexico border and the long and complicated history of U.S. intervention in which it is irrevocably entangled. The Chicago exhibition of Northern Triangle was developed in collaboration with Three Walls Contemporary Art Chicago and the Management Studio at SAIC.

For this complex project involving several organizations and remote curators, the Management Studio student team worked closely with the visiting curators to plan and install the exhibition in the gallery and to independently design, develop and produce public programs. The team also helped produce an oral history collecting project at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. You can hear some of the stories here.

Photos I  Public Program Flyer  I  Oral History Program Sound Cloud | Final Presentation