Image courtesy of Hyperallergic

Nick Cave Sounds out to the Sacred

Nick Cave, professor in the Fashion, Body and Garment program crosses over fashion, sculpture, installation, performance, video, and designed objects in his work. In an interview with Hyperallergic, he touched on ways of seeing, looking through a queer gaze, and submitting to the sacred nature of his Soundsuits, "It's about a willingness to surrender and give yourself over to the experience ... It's hard. But the moment you do—oh my god. You have moved through something and somehow you come out and you've elevated. You've shifted your internal self into expectations of your being, and it's greater than you even imagined."  The publication met with Cave at the Akron Art Museum, where he was installing his current exhibition Feat., which runs through June 2, and thinking about his upcoming show at the Smithsonian.