A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Newcity: The Designed Objects Issue

November 16-30, 2016

Newcity recently released its 2016 Designed Objects Issue, guest edited by SAIC faculty member and Thirst guru Rick Valicenti, which features alumni, faculty, and SAIC community members. The issue looks at Chicago’s designed objects as “conceptually crafted, fearlessly functional, provocative, inquisitive.”

The publication interviewed alumni Norman Teague (MDes 2016) and Steven Haulenbeek (MDes 2006), as well as, SAIC Board of Governors member Holly Hunt, and former faculty member Felicia Ferrone. Designed objects by alumni Morlen Sinoway (BFA 1976), Sung Jang (BFA 2000), Chinhua Lin (MDes 2016), Ben Stagl (MFA 2011), Kuan Wen Chiu (MDes 2012), and faculty members Casey  Lurie (Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects), Tim Parsons (Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects), Jessica Charlesworth (Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects), and Bo Rodda (MFA 2010, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects) were highlighted in the issue. The publication also featured designs by Professor and founding Chair of the Designed Objects program, Helen Maria Nugent (Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects) and Ron Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of Design and Construction at SAIC.

The emphasis on hand-work is what makes SAIC's DO program distinct from other design school curricula, and why it makes sense as an offering in a fine arts academic setting, Nugent says. "We've tried to create a unique program where there are opportunities to get invested in processes of making and examination," she says.

Newcity November 16-30, speaking to Philip Berger.

One component of this issue focused on a new partnership between SAIC's Whatnot Collection and local design company West Supply.  This year design students will make prototypes that will be fabricated in collaboration with West Supply. These original projects will then be shipped to Milan where the students will show them at the Salone Del Mobilie in Milan.  Read more about this collaboration here.

Full page  featurettes on select Alumni were also part of the issue:

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Click here to read more about alumni Steven Haulenbeek, Master of Design in Designed Objects (2006).