A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

MNI WICONI WATER is LIFE Eco Park with AIADO Faculty Linda Keane

Teens from Chicago Public Library YOUmedia meet and explore parks in the city from the past indigenous lands to the present, contemplating a future in which all people have access to clean water. They observe, document, and ask what is missing while learning about the precious resource of fresh water. They collaborate, communicate, and conceptualize collectives of flora, fauna, people, and potentials in parks celebrating biodiversity along the south branch of the Chicago River. MNI WICONI WATER is LIFE Eco park calls for making more public space for people at the water's edge.

NEXT.cc partnered with the Chicago Architecture Biennial, CPL YOUMedia Teens and Staff, and the American Institute of Architects Chicago Mentors to engage Chicago Youth in the design of underutilized spaces in the city.