A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

MFA Student Work

Joey Asal (MFA DESOB 2017)

In the department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects there are three MFA areas of interest: Architecture, Designed Objects and Design for Emerging Technologies.  The MFA in Architecture program supports advanced work in architecture and its related fields that calls upon a broad range of art and design disciplines to challenge how architecture is defined and practiced.

Cat Rose Bluemke (MFA DET 2018)

The MFA in Designed Objects program is an opportunity for advanced work on objects we use to streamline, decorate, and mediate our lives. The program opens opportunities to cultivate new relationships between the designer and the consumer, the citizen and society.  The MFA in Design for Emerging Technologies program offers students resources in interface design, physical interaction design, information architecture, physical computing, software-based optimization and analysis, and design for embedded control and robotic activation.

Joyce Lee (MFA DET 2017)