A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Local Innovations in Globalized Art Podcast (Fall 2020)

This podcast explores how art exists on the local level in the context of this rapidly globalized world.  Beginning with the consequences of globalization and global art issues, the discussion turned into a more micro analysis of how these aspects of the contemporary world affect art at the local level.  To investigate, Rob and Haley look towards communities they knew well, while Rob has just relocated to Chicago, Haley’s family hails from the small town of Belen, New Mexico.  Both of these communities have rapidly changing and growing arts communities, as well as new or old access to institutional power.  Featuring interviews with Mallory McClaire, Chief of Staff at the Rebuild Foundation, and Jerah Cordova, Former Mayor of Belen, New Mexico.  Podcast produced by Rob Pierce and Haley Bergeson.