Alum John Gerrard Presents NFT Series and Solo Show at Pace Gallery

A flag with fabric made of red-orange flames and black smoke stands in the middle of the ocean.

Flare (Oceania), John Gerrard, 2022. Image courtesy of Pace Gallery.

Flare (Oceania), John Gerrard, 2022. Image courtesy of Pace Gallery.

Earlier this year, artist John Gerrard (MFA 2000) debuted two new projects at Pace Gallery: an NFT series that included 196 unique works and a solo exhibition featuring his annual simulations. 

Launched on June 21, Gerrard’s new series Petro National uses a wide collection of NFTs to address the global impact of oil consumption and the ways in which this consumption indicates political power. The NFTs in this series use the outlines of different countries and regions to depict “glistening patches of gasoline on the world ocean.”

In addition, Gerrard launched his solo exhibition Endling at Pace on June 28, which marked his first ever solo show. Endling featured three large-scale simulations: Flare (Oceania) (2022), Endling (Martha) (2021), and (2022). The exhibit’s name refers to “the last individual member of a given species before its extinction,” and through this concept, Gerrard uses his simulations to explore the global impact of different political powers and environmental exploitation.