Jesse Ball's New Book Featured in the Chicago Tribune

In the latest book by Jesse Ball, faculty member in the Writing department, The Divers' Game examines the rejection of fairness in a bleak future. What ensues is chaos between two social groups, the “pats” who annihilate the “quads” in unrestrained ways. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Ball states that his books are an opposition to the current state of America: “They resist many modes of thinking that are ubiquitous and, to many, seem inescapable...I want them to be a voice that mutters its opposition to the present state of affairs.” He further discusses his writing process and motivation as being rooted in the “tortuous navigation of any arbitrarily chosen interaction of objects” leading him to address insights on experiencing a fraught world. As an ambitious writer, Ball has published 19 books in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.