A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Go Fund Yourself!


AIADO 4935 001
Faculty: Pablo Garcia

How do you achieve creative independence? Go Fund Yourself! is a two-semester multidisciplinary studio course that immerses you in business practices related to your creative future. Over the year-long course, you will develop your own ideas into crowdfunding campaigns in direct partnership with advisors from Kickstarter. You will earn your own money in this class! The course works in partnership with SAIC’s MakeWork Council, a group of established entrepreneurs who will advise you on marketing, financial planning, manufacturing, customer service—everything a practice needs to turn an idea into a real world money-making project. This is a portfolio-entry class for undergraduate and graduates in ANY field, proposing any project.  We heavily encourage students from all departments to apply. Enthusiasm and the ability to push an idea to the edges along with technical ability are given equal weight in the selection process. Department consent required.

Portfolio application is through Slideroom at: https://saicscholarships.slideroom.com/#/login.