A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Eco Design


Fall 2020

AIADO 4945 001

Faculty: Linda Keane

Eco Design Chicago Riverworks is an interactive transient external partnership sound mapping and community engagement course that uses everyday technology in the field to eco sense and imagine human and non-human biodiversity and coexistence. The class deploys biophonic, geophonic, anthrophonic sound maps, soundwalks, workshops, installations and lectures, in, along, above, on and under Chicago's Waterways to actively engage the community in water politics and policy.

Students spend time outdoors environmentally autopsying soundwalks, biking Northerly Island, recording quiets spaces with the EU Hush City App, kayaking around Goose Island, riverwalking, and learning about the history of freshwater and the impending water crisis on a floating classroom. Assignments include generating objects, sound maps, AR interactives, and activating sites that raise awareness through public installations that invite participation.

Students will access an environmental bibliography that includes environmental initiators-Leopold, Carson, Muir, and others; international organizations studying Global health like OXFAM Better Life INDEX, Water/FOOD/Energy Stockholm Accord NEXUS; contemporary practices, ecological innovators, current documentary films, institutional and international activist websites and EU and City of Chicago Ordinances. Course work varies but includes weekly reading responses/discussions, Book Reviews, team Film Reviews, Data Maps, Sound Maps, AR ecological interventions, Riverbank greening, and student choice proposal of activation of public sites.

Prerequisite: Open to students at Junior level and above.