A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Digital Wordsmith

SAIC alum Jessica Barrett Sattell (MA 2015) designs the words for Facebook

Photo: Shaharazade Husain

SAIC New Arts Journalism alum Jessica Barrett Sattell (MA 2015) describes her work as a content strategist for the social media giant as "designing the words in Facebook interfaces to be simple, straightforward, and human." The accessibility and adaptability of Facebook are part of the reason two billion people continue staying connected via the network, and Sattell is part of the team that makes the language clear for users, giving a human voice to the digital world.

During her time at SAIC, Barrett Sattell was the web editor at F News which provided a good environment to mentor other writers, work with a team, and gain an even deeper level of access to the art community of Chicago. She says being exposed to critique during her time at SAIC was beneficial when approaching elements of product development for Facebook. “A lot of the reason I’m successful at my job is also because I’ve had experience working with people with completely different approaches and mindsets like at SAIC,” says Barrett Sattell.