A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Digital Crafting Basics


DES OB 2037 001 / SCULP 2037 001

Faculty: Laura Prieto-Velasco

A hands-on studio introduction to the full spectrum of analog and digital approaches to metal working. Digital drafting, modeling, and machining processes are taught seamlessly in tandem with classic metalsmithing techniques. Methods covered include designing prototypes using the following techniques: 3D printing, mold making, lost wax casting, laser cutting non-conforming acrylic dies for hydraulic press use, and generating 2D templates from unfolded 3D digital models for visualizing sheet metal fabrication by way of the CNC plasma cutter. Software: Rhino 6.

Lectures, readings, and demonstrations augment production on the hydraulic press, roll former, laser cutter, CNC plasma cutter, torches and various welders, metal shop forming tools, and finishing techniques such as powder coating. Readings and screenings will vary but typically include the 3D Printing Documentary 'Print the Legend', Metalworking technical selections by craftsartists/historians such as Oppi Untracht, and selections from relevant periodicals such as the Journal of Material Culture and the Journal of Modern Craft.

Student should expect to produce 2-3 final works which include: a series of 3D printed prototypes, two cast bronze components that relate to one another, and one fabricated sheet metal project. Final works will be produced digitally as well as manually using the Columbus Metal Shop and Materials Lab and presented at the end of the semester in a final course critique. Software: Rhino 6 for Mac or Windows.