A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Digital Crafting 2.0


DES OB 3037 001 / SCULP 3037 001 

Faculty: Laura Prieto-Velasco

Advanced versioning digital crafting is a guided studio exploration of complex modeling and machining processes used in conjunction with metalsmithing techniques. Students will develop a minimum of two projects involving choices from several technologies: CNC cut conforming acrylic dies, 3 and 4 axis wax models, incorporation of non-metal components, and creating custom tools for use with metal forming from unfolded 3D digital models. Lectures, readings, and demonstrations augment productions on the hydraulic press, roll former, laser cutter, CNC, and milling machine. Software: Rhino 4.

Prerequisite: SCULP / DESOB 2037 or SCULP 3049 or SCULP 2042