A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Design Action: North Lawndale


AIADO 4115  001 / HPRES 4115 001

Faculty: Odile Compagnon (AIADO) and Lynette Stuhlmacher (HPRES)

This interdisciplinary course will address and highlight North Lawndale's current inititiatives and celebratory events (such as North Lawndale's 150th anniversary or the Nichols Tower campus' 4th anniversary). It will build upon the analysis of previous SAIC actions in North Lawndale, and propose, collaboratively with community organizations, a method for sustained development and trust. The studio will aim at answering the following question:: how can designers and artists work with local agents, social activists, artisans, business owners, and contractors to develop meaningful, social-minded, interactive, and creative programs?

To increase the multidisciplinary collaboration within the studio, we are looking for students from any SAIC department who are interested in social activism and participative projects linking arts, design, and community engagement.

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