Deb Sokolow, “Visualizing a Non-Coercive Space for Agnostics” (2023)


Deb Sokolow’s Drawings Reveal the Hidden Ideologies of Design

In her recent article for Hyperallergic, Senior Lecturer Lori Waxman deconstructs the deconstructed: the diagrammatic drawings of Deb Sokolow (MFA 2004), who has just concluded an exhibition titled Visualizing at Western Exhibitions. At first glance, appearing as detailed blueprints, Sokolow’s colorful architectural ideations are not intended to be executable—their primary role is to uncover the coercive potential of space configurations. The artist’s mixed-media two-and-a-half dimensional pieces demonstrate that each decision of a design process is charged with a specific meaning and bears a set agenda. Besides comprising the backbone of Sokolow’s solo show, her drawings are also on view at the Chicago Architecture Biennial at the Chicago Cultural Center.