Dominique Knowles and his horse

Cultured Magazine

Cultured Applauds Dominique Knowles’ Exhibition Honoring an Equine Companion

Cultured Magazine spotlighted alum Dominique Knowles’ (MFA 2020) exhibition My Beloved. The eight works displayed at Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles, are all titled The Solemn and Dignified Burial Befitting My Beloved for All Seasons, paying tribute to a horse—the artist’s life-long equine companion—who passed away in 2021. Knowles, born and raised in the Bahamas, has admired horses from childhood, fascinated by the animals’ movement and yearning. The artist painted the windows of the gallery muted tones of beige, ochre, and maroon, rendering the space an altarpiece, described by the article as “a swirling atmosphere of death and rebirth.”