A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Christian Goodwillie


Christian Goodwillie (SAIC '01) is the Director and Curator of Special Collections and Archives at the Burke Library at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. He works with faculty and students to integrate the use of primary source materials into the academic program. He manages major collections of materials from Ezra Pound (a Hamilton alum), American intentional communities (Christian's academic specialty), and the Lesser Antilles Islands.

Christian has published nine books and numerous articles. He has served as President of the Communal Studies Association, and is also Associate Editor of the Couper Press. He keeps his hands deep in historic preservation too, and was key in the formation of an advisory committee for preservation issues on the campus of Hamilton College, which has a number of eighteenth and early-nineteenth century structures.

He and his wife, Historic Paint Specialist Erika Sanchez Goodwillie, live in the Barnabas Pond House, a 1794 vernacular Georgian local landmark in Clinton.