Two performers in front of a projection screen

Chicago Reader Highlights SAIC Alums’ New Exhibition at Roots & Culture

School of the Art Institute of Chicago alums Jessica Tucker (MFA 2020) and Bun Stout (MFA 2020) have a history of collaboration, and their exhibition, Unidentified and Flying, at Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center is an otherworldly amalgamation of their multimedia practice. In a Chicago Reader profile, Micco Caporale (MA 2018) discusses the exhibition’s focus on the intersection between technology and mythology as a form of contemplating identity. Through the use of a number of mediums including video art, sculpture, fashion, and performance, the artists create “mixed realities” culminating in an immersive and emotional exhibition. Caporale writes, “They’re quiet reminders—nothing that screams, ‘Hey Icarus, you fly too close to the sun and your wings will melt!’ But they’re there, making ‘Unidentified and Flying’ neither celebratory nor instructive but richly, warmly honest.”