A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Chicago Creative RX: Reuse Exchange (Fall 2017)


CCRX is a start up nonprofit organization in the early stages of development.  The organization will address the recycling and redistribution of resources for use in the arts and education sectors.  The project is modeled on several national organizations.  The organization’s leader is a widely respected and admired Chicago arts administrator who has begun research and development for the project.

The MSI team working on this project will help build the organization’s business plan, 501c3 application, fundraising plans, website design, and program concepts.  This was an excellent project for students interested in learning the process of starting a non profit, particularly a larger more complex model which will rely on building and sustaining networks and collaborative programming.  The project also engaged the important social and political questions of environmental issues such as reuse and the social responsibility of the arts in creating sustainable working models.