A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

A Bounty of BFAs


by Anjulie Rao (MA 2014)

Carson Caroline Hoerz, a graduating senior in Visual Communication Design, remarks on the success of the 2013 BFA Show. She says, "I felt that it was a really great representation of how hard the graduating class of 2013 has worked. I was impressed by all of the work there, and thought that there was an extra sense of craft, dedication, and articulation taken in all of the pieces."

Opening night saw 3,125 art enthusiasts attend the exhibition, including family, friends, and members of the SAIC community. The event was so popular that many waited in line for upward of two hours to see the exhibition.

Jaclyn Elizabeth Rivas, an exhibiting Film, Video, New Media, and Animation artist and recipient of the 2013 Fred Endsley Memorial Fellowship, reflects fondly about her experience at the opening: "It was truly a bittersweet and significant moment for me. The show marked the crossing of a threshold in my artistic career. It became a moment that illustrated the culmination of my time here at SAIC, and the growth I have undergone as an artist. Seeing family, friends, faculty, and staff that night—who have really impacted me— allowed me to look back at the past three years and see the enormous influence the SAIC community has had on me as an artist."

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