Book Nooks

Book Nooks is a pop-up reading room to amplify joy through book-bound storytelling. Each book is selected by a faculty member from Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects, and is on loan from their personal library. Each nook presents a set of books connected through an indicated topic. The temporary collection is at once a snapshot of the department's current interests and an opportunity to expand the community's cultural and literary references. Students and passersby are invited to peruse and explore the books at their leisure and to cozy up in a nook. #booknooks

Featuring books selected by: Anjulie Rao, Ben Nicholson, Carl Ray Miller, Erik Newman, Hennie Reynders, Jessica Charlesworth, John Clark, Joseph Altshuler, Joshua G. Stein, Katherine Darnstadt, Keefer Dunn, Linda Keane, Matthew Snoap, Odile Compagnon, Paola Aguirre, Peter Exley, Tannys Langdon, Tim Parsons, and Tristan Sterk

Curated by: Joseph Altshuler

Exhibition Design and Fabrication: Joseph Altshuler (Could Be Architecture) with Emily Cates, and Afnan Afnan Alamoudi

Photographs: Michael Easthope