A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Around Center


Around Center

The around center exhibition was a collaboration between the Department of Cultural Affairs and artist Jan Tichy. Combining photography, sculpture and video projection with civic engagement, Jan Tichy’s work reveals contradictions and hidden truths in our lived environment and the larger cultural, social and political sphere. For aroundcenter, Tichy focused on the Chicago Cultural Center — formerly Chicago’s main public library, and now home to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events – where thousands of free cultural events happen annually.  The exhibition included nine installations located throughout the building. Each stood on its own as an individual artwork, but together they also acted in concert to illuminate the identity, history, and symbolism of one of Chicago’s most unique public places.

For this project, the student Management Studio team focused on conceptualizing, developing, and producing numerous public programs across the three months of the exhibition, each of which featured a particular element of Tichy’s exploration and engaged many different audiences at the Chicago Cultural Center. Please see the exhibition program for a sample of the student curated programs.

Final Presentation | Exhibition Programming Brochure | Planning Document